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Re-Village is a game that tells about a boy who was told by his parents to live in his grandfather's place. This boy is very spoiled and hopes too much for his parents. therefore his parents chased this boy and told him to live in a village far from urban areas, the village was called Re (Village) and there was a grandfather's house that was not used. therefore the boy was given a house and some money to live there.

To change this boy's attitude, he is obliged to find his own money in the form of managing the plantation, completing the tasks given by the village head and also looking for the woman he wants to marry.

and you can marry one of the 3 women in the village namely Anna, Nissa, Angel when they have 3 love


Is the blacksmith's daughter in the village of Revillage, Blacksmith "Hijikata", she is a child who loves her parents very much, and she plans to leave the village within 3 years to find a decent job in the city and help pay her parents' debt. .


Is the daughter of the "General Store" of Gunung Village, she is Yum's daughter. He is a very independent child and likes to plant flowers.


Is the daughter of the owner of the "General Store" in Port Town, daughter of Fujiyama's mother. He is a child who is very obedient to his parents and always helps take care of the house, because his father who works outside the city and his mother who works in the shop, made him have to take care of his own home and he likes to cook.

System  game 

  1. Hunger dan Stamina
  2. Farming System
  3. Fishing system
  4. Drill System 
  5. NPC Schudle
  6.  Daily Quest  from Guild up to 60+ Quest
  7. Relationship
  8. Married System and Have Baby
  9. Time system 
  10. Animal System
  11. Cooking System
  12. all prices of goods change every 10 days (Seeds,Crops,Food, manymore)
  13. Monthly Event
  14. Pet System 
  15. And Many More.... 

this game will always be updated to complete, and later you can use your own child as the main character and have a different storyline


Buy Now$2.50 USD or more

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